Looking for Freelance Jobs and Online Jobs to Work from Home?

Looking for freelance jobs and part time jobs on the internet can be frustrating. There are too many jobs available but to find a proper website that is not purely trying to sell you their e-books on earn money from home, easy typing job, work from home etc etc; research needs to be done. These sites are good in making themselves appear on top of search engine’s ranking! :)I’ve been researching for writing jobs that I can do at home since May 2009 because I’m planning to further my studies and want to give up my full time job. After much research, I realize that Malaysia has very few sites that offer online freelance jobs and part time jobs that allow working from home (except of those spam sites or e-books sale site).

Eventually, I came across Elance. It is a very organized website with many freelance jobs available. They have many expert freelancers signing up as member and many hirers who are looking for freelancers posted vacancies there. After joining as “provider” (the term used in the site to refer to provider of service, freelancer), you are required to take a test to make sure that you understand how the site works. It’s an easy test as long as you understand how the site runs. If you sign up for free membership plan, you are only able to bid for 3 times in a calendar month.

I dare say most of the jobs posted at the site are genuine. Elance will remind providers to pay attention to the hirers profile before bidding or accepting jobs to avoid frustration to both provider and hirer. Because free membership only allows 3 bids per month, I would first look for potential hirers with good history of hiring and paying other providers before. However, those who signed for free membership plan are allowed to choose only 1 job category. I’ve chosen “Writing & Translation” and there are many jobs under this category. I’m now considering the paid plans so that I can choose other categories with jobs that I can also do such as admin and data entry.If you do not have US bank account and not residing in US (like me), you may want to check out the payment matter. You can opt for wire transfer at a minimal charge.

Then I came across ProZ.com. Another website offering similar service as Elance. I would say Elance is more organized and has more jobs available. But at ProZ.com, I can receive PayPal payment. You can also do that at Elance but because my PayPal account is meant to receive payment only, I did not key in any credit card information so I am unable to add PayPal into my Elance account. I’m still new, need to explore further. But I’m comfortable with just wire transfer option.

Asia Part Time
Another one that I came across is asiaparttime.com. It’s a Malaysia website and most of the jobs are posted by Malaysian. However, not much online jobs available there. Only very little writing jobs but these hirer can pay you directly into your Malaysia bank account! That’s what Malaysians want, right? There are lots of part time jobs for promoters, on site data entry, sales etc and full time jobs too. Because advertising at asiaparttime.com is free, many would advertise when they need part timers for a one-off job.Hope you can find good freelance jobs and part time jobs in the sites I suggested. Happy freelancing and part timing! :)

Home Job Stop
I'm still doing research on this one. Seems good! Will share with you guys after I'm done with the research. It is stated in the site that there are jobs such as clerical, writing, transcription etc to work from home or on site.